Máster Interuniversitario en Incendios Forestales. Ciencia y Gestión Integral (MásterFUEGO)


Categoría: ASOCIADO/A T1
Perfil académico: Doctorado
Email: adrian.cardil@udl.cat


Enseñanza Curso Asignatura
MU en Incendis Forestals. Ciència i Gestió Integral 1 ANÁLISIS Y SIMULACIÓN DE FUEGOS FORESTALES


Grupo de investigación: Producció Forestal
Proyectos de investigación Fecha inicio Fecha fin Investigadores principales
Trayectorias de peligro de incendio bajo escenarios de cambio climático y de gestión 01/09/2021 31/08/2024 MARCOS RODRIGUES MIMBRERO
Tesis Año Dirección
Ecology, meteorology and simulation of large wildland fires 2015 Molina Terrén, Domingo Miguel
Publicaciones Año Autores Tipo
Large scale multi-layer fuel load characterization in tropical savanna using GEDI spaceborne lidar data 2022 Leite RV; Silva CA; Broadbent EN; Amaral CH; Liesenberg V; Almeida DRA; Mohan M; Godinho S; Cardil A; Hamamura C; Faria BL; Brancalion PHS; Hirsch A; Marcatti GE; Dalla Corte AP; Zambrano AMA; Costa M Article d'investigació
Spatio-temporal domains of wildfire-prone teleconnection patterns in the Western Mediterranean Basin. 2022 Rodrigues M; Mariani M; Russo A; Salis M; Galizia LF; Cardil A Article d'investigació
Integrated graph measures reveal survival likelihood for buildings in wildfire events 2022 Akshat Chulahwat; Hussam Mahmoud; Santiago Monedero; Francisco Jośe Diez Vizcaíno; Joaquin Ramirez; David Buckley; Adrián Cardil Forradellas Article d'investigació
Treetop: A Shiny-based Application and R package for Extracting Forest Information from LiDAR data for Ecologists and Conservationists 2022 Silva CA; Hudak AT; Vierling LA; Valbuena R; Cardil A; Mohan M; Alves de Almeida DR; Broadbent EN; Almeyda Zambrano AM; Wilkinson B; Sharma A; Drake JB; Medley PB; Vogel JG; Atticciati Prata G; Atkins Article d'investigació
Analyzing Canopy Height Patterns and Environmental Landscape Drivers in Tropical Forests Using NASA's GEDI Spaceborne LiDAR. 2022 Adrah E; Wan Mohd Jaafar WS; Omar H; Bajaj S; Leite RV; Mazlan SM; Silva CA; Chel Gee Ooi M; Mohd Said MN; Abdul Maulud KN; Cardil A; Mohan M. Article d'investigació
Do climate teleconnections modulate wildfire-prone conditions over the Iberian Peninsula? 2021 Rodrigues M; Peña-Angulo D; Russo A; Zúñiga-Antón M; Cardil A Article d'investigació
Afforestation, reforestation and new challenges from COVID-19: Thirty-three recommendations to support Civil Society Organizations (CSOs). 2021 Mohan M; Rue HA; Bajaj S; Galgamuwa GAP; Adrah E; Mehdi Aghai M; Broadbent EN; Khadamkar O; Sasmito SD; Roise J; Doaemo W; Cardil A Article d'investigació
Beyond trees: Mapping total aboveground biomass density in the Brazilian savanna using high-density UAV-lidar data 2021 Teixeira da Costa MB; Silva CA; Broadbent EN; Vieira Leite R; Mohan M; Liesenberg V; Stoddart J; Hummel do Amaral C; Alves de Almeida dr Laura; da Silva A; Ré Y. Goya LR; Almeida Cordeiro V; Rex F; Hi Article d'investigació
Individual tree detection using UAV-lidar and UAV-SfM data: A tutorial for beginners 2021 Mohan, Midhun; Leite, Rodrigo Vieira; Broadbent, Eben North; Wan Mohd Jaafar, Wan Shafrina; Srinivasan, Shruthi; Bajaj, Shaurya; Dalla Corte, Ana Paula; do Amaral, Cibele Hummel; Gopan, Gopika; Saad, Article d'investigació
Remotely Sensed Tree Characterization in Urban Areas:A Review 2021 Luisa Velasquez-Camacho; Adrián Cardil; Midhun Mohan; Maddi Etxegarai; Gabriel Anzaldi; Sergio de-Miguel Article d'investigació
Fire behavior modeling for operational decision-making 2021 Cardil, Adrián; Monedero, Santiago; Schag, Gavin; de Miguel, Sergio; Tapia, Mario; Stoof, Cathelijne R.; Silva, Carlos A.; Mohan, Midhun; Cardil, Alba; Ramirez, Joaquin Article d'investigació
UAV-supported forest regeneration: current trends, challenges and implications 2021 Midhun Mohan; Gabriella Richardson; Gopika Gopan; Matthew Mehdi Aghai; Shaurya Bajaj; G. A. Pabodha Galgamuwa; Mikko Vastaranta; Pavithra S. Pitumpe Arachchige; Lot Amorós; Ana Paula Dalla Corte; Serg Article d'investigació
Coupled effects of climate teleconnections on drought, Santa Ana winds and wildfires in southern California 2021 Adrián Cardil; Marcos Rodrigues; Joaquin Ramirez; Sergio de-Miguel; Carlos A. Silva; Michela Mariani; Davide Ascoli Article d'investigació
Identifying large fire weather typologies in the Iberian Peninsula 2020 Rodrigues, Marcos; Trigo, Ricardo M; Vega-Garcia, Cristina; Cardil, Adrián Article d'investigació
Recent deforestation drove the spike in Amazonian fires 2020 Adrián Cardil; Sergio de-Miguel; Carlos A. Silva; Peter B. Reich; David Calkin; Pedro H. S. Brancalion; Alexander C. Vibrans; Javier G. P. Gamarra; M. Zhou; Bryan C. Pijanowski; Cang Hui; Thomas W. Cr Article d'investigació
Emerging threats linking tropical deforestation and the COVID-19 pandemic 2020 Pedro H.S. Brancalion; Eben N. Broadbent; Sergio de-Miguel; Adrián Cardil; Marcos R. Rosa; Catherine T. Almeida; Danilo R.A. Almeida; Shourish Chakravarty; Mo Zhou; Javier G.P. Gamarra; Jingjing Liang Article d'investigació
COVID-19 jeopardizes the response to coming natural disasters 2020 Adrián Cardil; Sergio de-Miguel Article d'investigació
Measuring Individual Tree Diameter and Height Using GatorEye High-Density UAV-Lidar in an Integrated Crop-Livestock-Forest System 2020 Dalla Corte AP; Rex FE; Sanquetta CR; Silva CA; Moura MM; Wikinson B; Almeyda-Zambrano AM; da Cunha Neto EM; Veras HFP; de Moraes A; Klauberg C; Mohan M; Cardil A; Broadbent EN Article d'investigació
Comparison of Statistical Modelling Approaches for Aboveground Biomass Stock and Change Estimation in Selectively Logged Tropical Forest from Lidar data. 2020 Rex FE; Silva CA; Dalla Corte AP; Klauberg C; Mohan M; Cardil A; Sousa da Silva V; Alves de Almeida DR; García M; Broadbent EN; Valbuena R; Stoddart J; Merrick T; Hudak AT Article d'investigació
Combined impact of sample size and modeling techniques for predicting volume in Eucalyptus spp. plantations from LiDAR data. 2020 Sousa da Silva V; Silva CA; Mohan M; Cardil A; Rex FE; Hambrecht Loureiro G; Alves de Almeida DR; Broadbent EN; Bastos Gorgens E; Dalla Corte AP; Araújo Silva E; Valbuena R; Klauberg C Article d'investigació
Carbon Emissions from Oil Palm Induced Forest and Peatland Conversion in Sabah and Sarawak, Malaysia. 2020 Wan Mohd Jaafar WS; Said NFS; Abdul Maulud KN; Uning R. Latif MT; Muhmad Kamarulzaman AM; Mohan M; Pradhan B; Saad SNM; Broadbent EN; Cardil A; Silva CA; Takriff MS Article d'investigació
Individual Tree Attribute Estimation and Uniformity Assessment in Fast-Growing Eucalyptus spp. Forest Plantations Using Lidar and Linear Mixed-Effects Models. 2020 Leite RV; Silva CA; Mohan M; Cardil A; Almeida DRA; Carvalho SPC; Jaafar WSWM; Guerra-Hernández J, Weiskittel A; Hudak AT; Broadbent EN; Prata G; Valbuena R; Leite HG; Taquetti MF; Soares AAV; Scolfor Article d'investigació
Regional Level Data Server for Fire Hazard Evaluation and Fuel Treatments Planning. 2020 Krsnik G; Busquets Olivé E; Piqué Nicolau M; Larrañaga A; Cardil A; García-Gonzalo J; González Olabarría JR Article d'investigació
A Live Fuel Moisture Content product from medium spatial resolution Landsat TM satellite time series ready for implementation in fire behavior models. 2020 Garcia M; Riaño D; Yebra M; Salas FJ; Cardil A; Monedero S; Ramirez J; Martín MP; Vilar L; Gajardo J; Ustin S Article d'investigació
Fire and burn severity assessment: calibration of Relative Differenced Normalized Burn Ratio (RdNBR) with field data 2019 Cardil A; Mola-Yudego B; Blázquez-Casado A; González-Olabarria JR Article d'investigació
A new era for restoration monitoring 2019 Alves de Almeida DR; Stark SC; Valbuena R; Broadbent EB; X Freire Silva TS; Faria de Resende A; Ferreira MP; Cardil A; Silva CA; Amazonas N; Almeyda Zambrano AM; Santin Brancalion PH Article d'investigació
Climate teleconnections synchronize Picea glauca masting and fire disturbance across North West America. 2019 Ascoli D; Hacket-Pain A; LaMontagne JM; Cardil A; Conedera M; Maringer J; Motta R; Pearse IS; Vacchiano G. Article d'investigació
Stochastic decision trigger modelling to assess the probability of wildland fire impact. 2019 Ramirez J; Monedero S; Silva CA; Cardil A Article d'investigació
Predicting Growing Stock Volume of Eucalyptus plantations using 3-D point clouds derived from UAV imagery and ALS data. 2019 Guerra J; Soares P; Cardil A; Silva M; Silva CA; Botequim B; Cosenza D; Gonzalez Ferreiro EM; Diaz RA Article d'investigació
Factors influencing fire suppression success in the province of Quebec (Canada). 2019 Cardil A; Lorente M; Boucher D; Boucher J; Gauthier S Article d'investigació
ForestGapR: An R Package for Airborne Laser Scanning-derived Tropical Forest Gaps Analysis. 2019 Silva CA; Rangel E; Mohan M; Alves de Almeida DR; Broadbent EN; Wan Mohd Jaafar WS; de Almeida Papa D; Cardil A;Klauberg C Article d'investigació
Mapping pine processionary moth defoliation in a pine-oak mixed forest using unmanned aerial systems and multispectral imagery. 2019 Cardil A; Otsu K; Pla M; Silva CA; Brotons L Article d'investigació
Analysis of forest fire fatalities in Southern Europe: Spain, Portugal, Greece and Sardinia (Italy) 2019 Molina-Terrén DM; Xanthopoulos G; Diakakis M; Ribeiro L; Caballero D; Delogu GM; Viegas DX; Silva CA; Cardil A Article d'investigació
Optimizing individual tree detection accuracy and measuring forest uniformity in coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) plantations using airborne laser scanning 2019 Mohan M; Mendonça B; Silva CA; Klauberg C; Ribeiro AS; Araújo EJ; Monte MA; Cardil A Article d'investigació
Predicting fire spread and behaviour on the fireline. Wildfire Analyst Pocket: a mobile App for wildland fire prediction 2019 Monedero S; Ramirez J; Cardil A Article d'investigació
Estimating the Threshold of Detection on Tree Crown Defoliation Using Vegetation Indices from UAS Multispectral Imagery 2019 Otsu K; Pla M; Duane A; Cardil A; Brotons L Article d'investigació
Adjusting the rate of spread of fire simulations in real-time. 2019 Cardil A; Monedero S; Silva CA; Ramirez J Article d'investigació
Assessing and reinitializing wildland fire simulations through satellite active fire data 2019 Cardil A; Monedero S; Ramirez J; Silva CA Article d'investigació
How does drought impact burned area in Mediterranean vegetation communities? 2019 Cardil, A.; Vega-García, C.; Ascoli, D.; Molina-Terrén D.M.; de Silva, C.A.; Rodrigues, M. Article d'investigació
Temporal interactions among throughfall, type of canopy and thinning drive radial growth in an Iberian mixed pine-beech forest 2018 Cardil A; Imbert JB; Camarero JJ; Primicia I; Castillo FJ Article d'investigació
Improving Individual Tree Crown Delineation and Attributes Estimation of Tropical Forests Using Airborne LiDAR Data 2018 Wan Mohd Jaafar WS; Woodhouse IH; Silva CA; Omar H; Abdul Maulud KN; Hudak AT; Klauberg C; Cardil A; Midhun M Article d'investigació
Assessing Pine Processionary Moth Defoliation Using Unmanned Aerial Systems 2017 Cardil A; Vepakomma U; Brotons L Article d'investigació
Wildland fire typologies and extreme temperatures in NE Spain 2017 Cardil A; Merenciano D; Molina DM Article d'investigació
Simulating wildfires backwards in time from the final fire perimeter in point-functional fire models 2017 Santiago Monedero; Joaquin Ramirez; Domingo Miguel Molina Terrén; Adrián Cardil Article d'investigació
Fatalities in wildland fires from 1945 to 2015 in Sardinia (Italy) 2017 Adrián Cardil; Giuseppe Delogu; Domingo Miguel Molina Terrén Article d'investigació
Individual Tree Detection from Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Derived Canopy Height Model in an Open Canopy Mixed Conifer Forest. 2017 Mohan M; Silva CA; Klauberg C; Jat P; Catts G; Cardil A; Hudak AT; Dia M Article d'investigació
Predicting stem total and assortment volumes in an industrial Pinus taeda L. forest plantation using airborne laser scanning data and random forest 2017 Silva CA; Klauberg C; Hudak AT; Vierling LA; Wan Mohd Jaafar WS; Mohan M; Garcia M; Ferraz A; Cardil A; Saatchi A. Article d'investigació
Combined effect of pulse density and grid cell size on predicting and mapping aboveground carbon in fast-growing Eucalyptus forest plantation using airborne LiDAR data. 2017 Silva CA; Hudak AT; Klauberg C; Vierling LA; Gonzalez-Benecke; de Padua Chaves Carvalho S; Estraviz Rodriguez LC; Cardil A. Article d'investigació
Fire effects in Pinus uncinata Ram. plantations 2016 Cardil A; Molina-Terrén DM; Oliveres J; Castellnou M Article d'investigació
Practitioner Perceptions of Wildland Fire Management across South Europe and Latin America 2016 Molina-Terren DM; Cardil A; Kobziar L Article d'investigació
Fire history and management of Pinus canariensis forests on the western Canary Islands Archipelago, Spain 2016 Domingo Miguel Molina Terrén; Danny L Fry; Federico F. Grillo; Adrián Cardil; ]Scott L. Stephens Article d'investigació
Analysis of factors influencing deployment of fire suppression resources in Spain using artificial neural networks 2015 Costafreda-Aumedes, Sergi; Cardil, Adrian; Molina-Terrén, Domingo Miguel; Daniel, Sarah; Mavsar, Robert; Vega-Garcia, Cristina. Article d'investigació
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Extreme temperature conditions and wildland fires in Spain 2015 Cardil A, Molina DM, Eastaugh CS. Article d'investigació
Challenges and trends in fire use and training in South Europe and Latinamerica 2015 Cardil A, Molina DM, Kobziar L. Capítol de llibre d'investigació
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Factors Causing Victims of Wildland Fires in Spain (1980-2010) 2015 Cardil A; Molina DM Article d'investigació
Forest fire propagation prediction based on overlapping DDDAS forecasts 2015 Artès T; Cardil A; Cortés A; Margalef T; Molina D; Pelegrín L; Ramirez J Article d'investigació
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Caracterización del riesgo por incendio forestal en la interfaz urbano-forestal en la Comunidad Autónoma de Andalucía - Zona costera de Málaga y Granada. 2011 Caballero D; Quesada C; Cardil A. Document científic-tècnic
Plan Comarcal de Prevención Contra Incendios Forestales de la Comarca Forestal I - Parque Natural de Peñalara 2011 Caballero D; Cardil A Document científic-tècnic
Estudio y diagnosis del riesgo por incendio forestal en la interfaz urbano-forestal en la Comunidad de Madrid. Comunidad de Madrid. Consejería de Presidencia, Justicia e Interior. Dirección General de 2011 Caballero D; Quesada C; Cardil A. Document científic-tècnic