Master's degree Interuniversitario en Incendios Forestales. Ciencia y Gestión Integral (MásterFUEGO)

Master's Thesis

It is compulsory and has a teaching load of 12 ECTS. Students will carry out this individual work on a topic of a professional nature related to the competences of the degree. It will consist of an original individual exercise in which the skills acquired in the courses are synthesized and integrated. It will be presented and defended before a university panel under the specific regulations approved by the Master's Committee and by the University of Lleida( /Ordenacio_academica/Normativa-de-avaluacio-i-calif.-graus-i-masters-UdL-Febrer2020_CAT.pdf)

(docs in Spanish/Catalan)

Thesis submission and presentation

Full de Conformitat

Thesis delivery


Evaluation criteria

Style guide



List of theses presented